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Project Dissertation and Materials Submission

Use these forms to submit your project dissertation and materials.

You do not need to submit your materials at the same time as your main submission - this is to avoid overloading the network close to the submission deadline. However if you do not you must instead submit a checksum for the materials with your main submission, which protects against alteration of the materials before submission. You can submit materials separately at any time before or after your main submission, but the checksum of the materials MUST match that provided in your main submission.

You can use these forms to make any number of submissions, and you might want to do some test submissions to make sure everything works and you know what to do closer to the submission deadline. However only the last submission before the submission deadline will actually be assessed. Any other submissions will eventually be deleted. You can continue to submit after the submission deadline but note that the markers will only have access by default to the last dissertation uploaded before the deadline (and matching materials if they were submitted after the deadline). If you need a later submission to be assessed, or an earlier one in case a submission was made in error, you will need to discuss your requirements with the ITO as soon as possible after the submission deadline. Contact them on

The server will only accept project materials to upload up to about 2GB and will fail if they are close to or bigger than this. If this is the case consider the following options:
  • Make sure you submit from within the University network, preferably a DICE machine, as this will optimise the upload speed and reduce the risk of failure during upload.
  • Check with your project supervisor whether you really need to upload that much content to support your project. Maybe some of the data is unnecessary.
  • Generate a checksum for your project materials instead and then discuss with your project supervisor an alternative way to make your materials available for assessment.
Do not wait until right before the submission deadline to make your submission. The server may be busy and your submission may take a long time (taking it over the deadline) or could fail altogether.